Beginning from 1930 the plant used to produce scales equipment in prewar years. In wartime it produced air-bombs (in the period of evacuation). After coming back in Kyiv the factory has begun to produce scale and metering equipment. 
From the middle of 50-ies Company started to produce vending automats of variety destination. For example: automats for selling aerated water, for selling bear, kvass, vegetable oil, cigarettes, ice-cream, coffee, peace goods (cooled & uncooled). 
In the years of political reorganization (‘perestroika’) produced automats was unclaimed by the market because of changed currency and economic crisis. 

In that period the plant launched refrigerating equipment, shellers, feed mill etc. 
But when Ukraine had introduced new national currency JSC “TOMAK” proposed to Kyiv Metro automats for giving out tokens. After that we also launched the automatic devices for the aerated drinks preparing and selling in the new way, automats for plastic cards selling, for the cooled beer selling, sanitary articles etc. In all these works is used experience and traditions of previous years. The main difference is using microprocessor engineering. 
The process of producing new automats and machines became persistent. We try to work out any automat and machines on demands of clients. In 1999 the unique clock was made by our engeneers of JSC “TOMAK” and has been shoving time on the building of the Kyiv City State Administration for five years, being accurate to a second. Our specialists also worked out documentation and examples of automats for selling newspapers.